GHSP drives value in solving the user experience with rapid transformation of intelligent driver controls. 

We focus our automotive solutions in two principle system applications: driver controls and smart powertrain.


Automotive Vibration Control and Enhancement for Electric Vehicles

From mimicking an idle feel, throttles and high-speed gear shifts to provide a superior driving experience with premium vibration indicators, eVibe is shifting the future of the electric vehicle (EV) experience. 

In a partnership between Parker Lord and GHSP, we have created an automotive vibration control and enhancement technology (eVibe) for EVs. This all-in-one solution eliminates vibration in real time, generates global vibration haptic indicators, and creates EV vibration enhancements.

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Integrated Trailer Control Module

To provide a towing experience that is both adapatable and powerful. We have created an integrated trailer control module (ITCM) that offers unparalleled integration into various vehicle types and layouts. 

Along with providing advanced customizability, ITCM enables drivers to store several trailer profiles for their vehicle.  This eliminates the need to reconfigure inputs each time they switch trailers, saving time and ensuring optimal braking performance for every tow.

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Our technologies are featured in some of the most sophisticated vehicles and controls-driven products.

Driver Controls icon Driver Controls

We are a global leader in vehicle shift systems and driver controls.

Smart Powertrain icon Smart Powertrain

Innovative integration of electronic controls, motors, and oil and water pump elements in a “CORE-Plus” technology configuration.

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