Automotive Vibration Control and Enhancement
for Electric Vehicles

From mimicking an idle feel, throttles and high-speed gear shifts to provide a superior driving experience with premium vibration indicators, this technology is shifting the future of the electric vehicle (EV) experience. 

In a partnership between Parker Lord and GHSP, we have created an automotive vibration control and enhancement technology (eVibe) for EVs. This all-in-one solution eliminates vibration in real time, generates global vibration haptic indicators, and creates EV vibration enhancements.


Key Benefits:

  • Exact custom vibrations
  • Lowest weight
  • Lowest power
  • Minimum part count

Our eVibe technology can also be integrated with acoustic enhancement technology for an immersive experience for the EV driver. With the market moving toward acoustic enhancement technology, the eVibe has potential in not only passenger vehicles, but in commercial e-mobility as well.


Applications of the eVibe include:

  • Automotive cabin vibration control
  • Steering column vibration control
  • Combustion engine emulation in EVs
  • 3D haptic vibration vehicle feedback and experiences



  • Technology provides global vibration response throughout the vehicle, most notably in steering column and floorboard
  • Able to generate rough idle feel, smooth engine vibration and gear shift transients
  • Frequency sweep mapping to customizable shift patterns
  • Reproduce idle / run / shift characteristics using Force / Frequency Modulation
  • Parametrically adjustable to create unique and customizable vehicle signature(s)
  • Capability to control target vibration at specific frequency ranges
  • Options to have multiple variants or levels (Auto / Sport / Track / Custom)
  • System can consist of one to multiple Force Generators
  • Customizable mounting footprints / options
  • Additional options for “driver notifications” (e.g., lane departure)
  • Haptic experience can work in concert with Acoustic Enhancement Systems

For more information, please click here: eVibe Sales Sheet

Watch the video to learn more about eVibe and see it in action.