Integrated technology creates better user experiences.

We focus on the design and integration of interfaces, software, and electromechanical controls that impact everyone around the world.

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Our technologies are integrated into some of the most sophisticated vehicles, premium appliances and other software and controls-driven products.

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Shift Systems

We are a global leader in automatic transmission shift systems.

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Innovative integration of electronic controls, motors, and oil and water pump elements in a “CORE-Plus” technology configuration.

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Electronic Controls

Our mechatronic solutions are integrated as part of machine control, human machine interface and connectivity solutions.

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UV-C Integration

Our patented UV- technologies help eliminate bacteria from everyday life.

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Thank you to everyone who visited our booth. We will see you next year at CES 2021! 

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GHSP is helping to create smarter, safer environments everyday.

Introducing grēnlite.

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