Executive Leadership

GHSP is known for award-winning innovation, technology, and manufacturing. But the talent of its people is the real story and what sets GHSP apart from all competition. The company is advancing and aggressively growing under the guidance and leadership of some of the brightest minds and most experienced executives in business.

Laurent Bresson photo
Laurent Bresson
President and CEO
Davy Ou photo
Davy Ou
President - GHSP China
Marc Smeyers photo
Marc Smeyers
Chief Technology Officer
Robb VanderKamp photo
Robb VanderKamp
Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Program Management
Gina Chan photo
Gina Chan
Chief Financial Officer
Ludwing Vergara photo
Ludwing Vergara
Vice President of Procurement and Supply Chain Management
Rubuán Noé Martínez Berumen photo
Rubuán Noé Martínez Berumen
Vice President of Operations