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UV-C Integration

GHSP believes in using technology to seamlessly improve your everyday life, because every day we’re warned of new dangers that could have a major impact in our communities and the world around us.

That’s why we’ve developed grēnlite, a brand of UV-C products that are as mobile as you are. Our grēnlite UV-C systems use high and low dose UV-C light to reduce bacteria, including Human Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in a way that is both convenient and remotely monitored. From emergency services to sharing a taxi downtown, GHSP is helping to create a world where you can rest easy in your quest for a smarter, safer environment.

  • Emergency Services
  • Mobility
  • Autonomous
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Mass Transit
  • Ride Share

To talk with someone about what grēnlite product is right for your application, click here to fill out a contact form.