GHSP Celebrates a Century of Innovation and a Future of Possibilities

GHSP Celebrates a Century of Innovation and a Future of Possibilities Featured Image

GHSP Celebrates a

Century of Innovation and a Future of Possibilities


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[Holland, Michigan] - GHSP, a global leader in the automotive and high-tech industries, proudly commemorates its 100th anniversary, marking a century of innovation and looking forward to a future filled with endless possibilities. The milestone was commemorated across its global manufacturing locations – including Grand Haven, MI; Hart, MI; Saltillo, Mexico; Shanghai, China (with two facilities); and its Corporate Headquarters in Holland, MI. Dan Dawiedczyk, GHSP's President, led the celebrations, joining employees in honoring the company's enduring legacy of resilience, adaptability, and visionary progress since its founding on February 1, 1924.


GHSP's story began with its establishment as Bolling Manufacturing in Grand Haven in 1924, evolving through the decades into the powerhouse it is today. The company's rich history of navigating through the Great Depression, World War II, economic upheavals, and the recent global pandemic showcases its remarkable ability to adapt and thrive amidst challenges. This journey is not just a testament to GHSP's enduring legacy but also a reflection of the innovative spirit, dedication, and expertise of its team.


"Today, only 0.08% of businesses in the United States can boast of a legacy that spans over a hundred years. This is an amazing accomplishment," said President Dan Dawiedczyk, emphasizing the rarity and significance of GHSP's centennial milestone.


Under the theme "A Century of Innovation, A Future of Possibilities," GHSP celebrates not only its historical achievements but also sets its sights on the future. The advent of electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and increased connectivity presents both thrilling opportunities and formidable challenges for the company.


The February 1 centennial celebration is just the beginning of a year-long series of events, contests, and festivities designed to honor GHSP's past, present, and future. Employees and stakeholders are invited to explore the company's rich history through a new timeline on the GHSP website, engaging with the legacy that has built the foundation for future innovations.


"As we look toward the next 100 years, it is clear that our most valuable resource is our team. Your hard work, creativity, and commitment have been the driving force behind our success," Dawiedczyk stated, acknowledging the crucial role of GHSP's employees in the company's achievements and future prospects.


GHSP invites everyone to join in celebrating a century of innovation and to stride boldly into a future of possibilities. With a storied past and a bright future ahead, GHSP is excited to continue its journey of excellence, innovation, and growth.


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About GHSP

GHSP is a privately-owned company based in Grand Haven, Mich., that specializes in the design and manufacturing of innovative control systems and technology solutions primarily for the automobile and high-end appliance industries. Founded in 1924, GHSP has locations in North America, Europe and Asia. GHSP is a portfolio business within JSJ Corporation, a growth firm with global manufacturing, distribution and service businesses that focus on highly technical skills to deliver engineered solutions. Learn more at and