GHSP Announces Launch of grēnlite UV-C Products for Emergency Vehicles.

GHSP Announces Launch of grēnlite UV-C Products for Emergency Vehicles. Featured Image

GRAND HAVEN, MI. (May 6, 2020) – GHSP, a global supplier in the automotive, high-end appliance and innovative technology industries, today announced the launch of a new line of UV-C treatment products for use in emergency services vehicles. The ESP200, ESP400, ESS200 and ESS400 are the first products to be launched under the company’s grēnlite™ brand and bring with them industry firsts for mobile UV-C treatment and safety.

The new grēnlite™ units are installable into emergency services vehicles and provide disinfecting through the use of UV-C light that kills 99.9% of Viruses and Bacteria, including harder-to-kill Viruses and Bacteria such as Clostridium difficile (C. diff) and Human Coronavirus. Each model is also connectable to a unique cloud-based monitoring system that not only provides precision control of each unit but is also able to gather information that can be used to increase treatment effectiveness. This industry-first feature is unique to the industry and brings with it the ability to provide additional services such as firmware updates and user adjustment to maximize the UV-C treatment. 

“Using UV-C to kill germs is not a new process, however, deploying it into a mobile space, gathering real-time data and providing the ability to adjust as needed to maximize its efficiency is a major step forward in the use of UV-C.” said Tom Rizzi, Chief Executive Officer of GHSP. “We’re very pleased that we’re able to bring this technology to the market at this time.”

Deployable in multiple emergency services vehicles from ambulance and medical mobility transporters to police cruisers, the units are configured and installed based on the overall size of the treatment area and several units can be paired and work together to cover all areas of the vehicle from treatment areas to operator compartments.

“Another industry first feature of the grēnlite™ system is its ability to run independently of user interaction and can determine on its own when it’s safe to operate. grēnlite™ certified vehicles can receive cloud monitored UV-C doses 24/7 to help provide the most germ-free environment possible.” Said Marc Smeyers, Chief Technology Officer at GHSP. “No longer are employees required to manually use portable units that limit effectiveness and potentially expose them to UV-C light.”

By employing multiple safety sensors and redundant safeguards, the system has the ability to run anytime safety protocols are met and greatly increase system effectiveness. This feature increases efficacy because doses of UV-C light are accumulative. Meaning, even if a dosing cycle is interrupted, when the system restarts it can continue to complete the cycle without the need to start over. Receiving multiple short doses throughout the day, even while the vehicle is in use, is proven to be more effective than a major cleaning cycle that is run during vehicle downtime. No longer does a vehicle need to wait until the end of a shift to be cleaned. Vehicles can now utilize a continual cleaning approach, even while in-service and greatly improve results.

GHSP is long known as a top tier 1 supplier to the automotive and appliance controls industries. Being able to leverage state-of-the-art manufacturing practices, engineering support and utilizing UV Angel™ technology (which GHSP licenses from UV Partners, Inc., another Grand Haven, MI based company) were key components in developing this innovative new technology and allowing GHSP to expand into new markets.

“Helping to improve the safety of not only patients in transport applications, but also the emergency service and public safety providers that expose themselves every day to help others was a big driver in getting this product developed.” Continued Rizzi.

GHSP is working on multiple new grēnlite™ products with several additional product launches planned for this year.

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