GHSP Announces Collaboration with Inductive Intelligence.

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. (April 1, 2020) – GHSP, a global supplier in the automotive, high-end appliance and innovative technology industries, today announced collaborative work with Inductive Intelligence of Grand Rapids. 

The collaborative efforts center around the design and manufacturing of a new proprietary use of inductive energy that heats food and beverages with precision, within its own “smart” packaging. Inductive energy is commonly known for wireless charging of mobile phones, but this new implementation, developed by Inductive Intelligence allows users to quickly prepare everything from warm snacks to full meals with a safe and easy to use device. The level of control that the system delivers is a unique feature and can be automatically tailored to the exact food or beverage being heated. 

“Inductive Intelligence is all about smart cooking and heating and with our technology we can deliver fully autonomous and/or guided inductive cooking in a traditional pot, pan or even within the food packaging itself.” said Greg Clark, CEO of Inductive Intelligence. “Being able to work on development of these products in such close proximity with a strong manufacturing partner like GHSP allows us to save time, money and develop with a trusted partner.” 

GHSP is long known as a top tier 1 supplier to the automotive and appliance controls industries and being able to leverage state-of-the-art manufacturing practices and engineering support is a key driver in the strength of the collaboration efforts between both companies. “Coming alongside an innovative technology partner like Inductive Intelligence and helping them bring an innovative new technology to the market is what GHSP is all about.” said Dave Jerovsek, president of diversified markets at GHSP. “Our engineering team and manufacturing support allows a company like Inductive Intelligence to take a product from initial concept to market ready production in a completely vertical environment.” 

The Inductive Intelligence technology is deployable across a wide variety of applications from traditional kitchens, to dorm rooms, to mass transit. Having the ability to safely heat up food in remote areas or even maintain your coffee’s ideal temperature while driving to work are just a few examples of the new technology.  

GHSP is working closely with Inductive Intelligence on multiple core products with several product launches planned for this year. Additionally, Inductive Intelligence is actively in discussions to implement their technology with several of the largest food and appliance brands in the world and GHSP will be helping to support these efforts.

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