Integrated Trailer Control Module

To provide a towing experience that’s both adaptable and powerful. We have created an integrated trailer control module (ITCM) that offers unparalleled integration into various vehicle types and layouts.


  • Supports horizontal or vertical mounting configurations - such as under seat, b-pillar and rear cab wall.
  • Interfaces with brake control, stability control and restraint control systems via redundant CAN connections. 

Along with providing advanced customization, the ITCM enables drivers to store several trailer profiles for their vehicle. This eliminates the need to reconfigure inputs each time they switch trailers, saving time and ensuring optimal braking performance for every tow. In addition, the ITCM memory stores and manages distinctive calibration settings for numerous vehicle configurations. As such, this allows vehicles to share the same software.


  • Detect and control trailer lighting (LED or incandescent)
  • Detect and control brakes (up to 4 axles)
  • Failsafe design for brake and lighting control if micro fails
  • Provide power and poll center stack input switches
  • Store information for customer-defined trailers
  • CAN Gateway for trailer tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) communication
  • Detect trailer connection/disconnection (lights and/or brakes)
  • Compliant to the newest cybersecurity standards
  • EMEA version supports separated lighting making it compliant with European regulations


For more information, please click here: Integrated Trailer Control Module Sales Sheet