Core Values

Because of the variety of products we provide, GHSP offers careers in a many areas from manufacturing, engineering and design to sales and accounting. We work together to accomplish great things: Imagine it. Design it. Develop it. Test it. Build it and ship it.

Core Values

Earn Trust

GHSP is a partnership of people who are owners, customers, employees, suppliers, and members of the communities in which we work.  It is essential that we personally earn the trust of each stakeholder through honesty, integrity and commitment.

Learn By Doing

GHSP grows through a bias toward action. We look at every experience as a learning opportunity.  We expect all team members to be curious and continuously learn and grow, seek out new challenges and take calculated risks in pursuit of our vision and goals.

Work Together

There are several thousand GHSP team members and only one vision.  Each member of the team knows they are part of a team.  We win or lose together as a team. This requires us to embrace a diversity of thinking and respect the unique contribution of our global teammates. We strive to have an environment free of fear, where healthy conflict leads to better solutions, where what’s right matters more than who’s right.

Steward the Legacy

Nearly 100 years ago three gentlemen started a business in Grand Haven, Michigan. – today it is our responsibility to preserve the legacy of our founders and continuously reinvent the business for the next generation.  This legacy is a personal responsibility for health, safety, and our environment.  It is learning and challenge that leads to innovation in process and product.  It is growth that respects the interdependency of the long term needs of all stakeholders.