GHSP to Debut Multifunction Control and Haptics Shifters at the Consumer Electronics Show

GHSP to Debut Multifunction Control and Haptics Shifters at the Consumer Electronics Show

Tue, January 09, 2018

Las Vegas, Jan. 09, 2018 – GHSP plans to debut two new prototype shift systems at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that feature cutting edge technology and innovation. The Multifunction
Control Shifter moves far beyond shifting by allowing the driver to move through other features in the automobile, while the Haptics Shifter provides a unique, gesture-based experience. These products will be on display January 9-January 12 in the Las Vegas Convention Center North Hall Booth #3004.

Multifunction Control Shifter
The Multifunction Control Shifter will be featured in the V.I.P. Virtual Reality Driving Experience at the GHSP booth. Featuring this shifter in the V.R. experience allows the user to operate the shifter while being completely immersed in a driving experience. Featuring Proximity Sensing, this shifter becomes aware of the driver without any physical contact. Drivers will use an HMI – X, Y TrackPad to navigate through certain features such as news articles, weather status and more. Once the shifter recognizes the driver, they can utilize the TrackPad to control any option the vehicle may offer. The Multifunction Control is also capable of shifting gears with a rotary motion, allowing the shifter to feel completely natural to the user. LED Light Pipes that run down the body of the shifter signal when the shifter is activated while also adding an aesthetic element.

Haptics Shifter
GHSP and Ultrahaptics have developed a shifter that is unlike any other using gesture controls and intuitive feedback. The GHSP Haptics Shifter is unique to the industry as it is a gesture-based experience. The shifter relies on ultrasound technology that projects sensations onto the user’s hands allowing him/her to feel and engage with virtual interface devices. With the combination of ultrasonic transducers, a hand tracking device and Ultrahaptics’ unique algorithms, the user can control various virtual buttons and switches.

About Ultrahaptics
Ultrahaptics is the global leader in mid-air haptics technology and solutions. The company has developed technology that enables interactivity and tactile feedback for mid-air buttons, gestures, and virtual objects without the need to wear accessories or contact surfaces. The technology projects directional localized ultrasonic energy to represent the tactile experience of touching specific shapes and objects. Ultrahaptics’ solutions enrich user experiences across a wide range of applications by making them more immersive, safe and engaging. For more information about Ultrahaptics, please visit:

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Founded in 1924, GHSP is a privately owned supplier of shift systems and smart actuators to the automotive industry. GHSP also designs and manufactures econtrols to the premium appliance industry. For more information, visit the company website at

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